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Jordi del Rio, after more than twenty years of experience working for companies such as Teiatru, Setrill-Teiatru, Marcel Gros or The Chapertons, Jordi del Rio starts his own company in 2012. He creates shows for all kinds of audiences; in his original shows, humour, imagination, feelings and interaction with the public are the basis of his creations.


Ludus: an intermision zone, a small out-of-the-reality world, located in any space, any time, in our current society.

In a funny way, you are going to live daily situations, but also universal ones such as having a baby or contemplating a rainy day. Moreover, at Ludus, you are going to laugh, share, suffer, enjoy yourself, make friends, dance, fall in love, ...

Welcome to Ludus, a humourous mime show for all kinds of audiences. Beautiful scenes, surrealism, emotions, and lots of interaction with the audience, who is constantly invited to participate in the show.

Everything is ready to start! You only need a suitcase and let yourself be led. And the first person to be chosen will be... You!


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